Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Song of the Moment - Beasley Street

John Cooper Clarke - my all time favourite poet. This weekend he's playing in Hebden Bridge and I'm very jealous not to be watching.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Put a Ring on it

Hello again. Today I thought I'd share with you my new friend... The Yogi ring from Verameat. I love this brand and have been coveting them since I first stumbled across their store in the East Village.
I have a lot of jewelry but there is a certain set of rings I wear everyday... this will definitely be part of that collection :)

Thursday, 20 June 2013

University of Huddersfield Degree Show

Yesterday I went back to Huds for my introduction to final year (SCARY) and took the opportunity to look at the textile, surface and crafts degree show.
All the work was such a good standard! All the graduates should be so proud.
My personal faves were the Embroidered and printed coats made from donated scarves and accessories based on the experiences of the elderly. The hanging discs that reflected the light perfectly by Jess Firth, Surface Design graduate and the lighting piece and mirror by one of the Craft students whos name escapes me. You can read more about all the grads HERE, where you can also view the online catalogue for the show...

Now I need to go back to panicking about my final works. Eep.

Monday, 17 June 2013

MMU Degree Show

Today I went to the Manchester Met University Art and Design Degree Show and it is huggeeee.
The textiles were amazing, some gorgeous stuff, my fave was a 3D printed piece that looked great as a stand alone piece but when you put the 3D glasses on it was just WOW!
This is mostly textiles, I took so many pictures but I didn't want post too many ha.

Don't forget to click and enlarge to see the details...

Thursday, 13 June 2013


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Start Wearing Purple

This last week I gave an old hat a new lease of life.
The hat was re-blocked and sprayed purple, put back together with careful hand stitches and trimmed with purple silk and a lovely polka dot wired waffle which compliments the clutch bag I made to go along side it.

My next project is a really striking ivory hat with flint trim, made as an order for one of Hat Therapy's great customers.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Walsh Casual at Norman Walsh

This post is about a company I actually only found out about this week. I got very excited because Walsh Casual, as their website states are Britain's only wholly owned, designed and manufactured sports footwear company AND they're based in my very own Bolton! Awesome.

This is so exciting to me because I love learning about the cultural history of my area (geek alert) and the company was formed by Norman Walsh who at 16 handmade all the British running shoes for the 1948 Olympics.

They were popular with Northern Soul followers so they are absolutely an important part of our cultural identity.

How is it possible that I didn't know they existed?

They had a competition running this week, heres my entry and the one I would have entered if I was allowed to a print because of course, as a printer I have to try and sneak it onto everything ;)

I went for an acid khaki look with blue mesh overlay for my trend driven S/S14 look

Looking at them together I wish I'd took the risk with my blue printed design, what do you think? Worth the risk of possibly not being a valid entry?

Check out all the other amazing entries on the Norman Walsh twitter feed and enter yourself :) You have until the end of the day!

All photos from www.Walshcasual.com apart from colour work on competition entries which are my own.